September 24, 2019
Zagame Autobody Bespoke
May 1, 2019

Lamborghini Adelaide

Situated on Glen Osmond Road the recent expansion of the Zagame empire has led them to their new Adelaide home. Now offering their Adelaide client direct and local access to the Zagame experience with their supercar store and service center.

Accompanying the bespoke nature of these European supercars is the bespoke expectations of the facilities systems. Atmosphere Design tailored a control system offering the latest in lighting and audio control. The multifaceted facility contains a multitude of facilities including offices, a café overlooking the show room, a top viewed workshop as well as Lamborghini configurator.

Atmosphere Design utilized the latest in lighting technology to ensure the most uniform and efficient lighting was present in the workshop. This reduction in glare and correct lighting placement coupled with the well selected lighting warmth has led to ta design that closely emanates natural light for the best possible work environment. The blend of temperature white lights simulates natural light allowing for the best possible attention to detail for mechanical work and colour matching.

The technological blend does not end with the luminaires but also continues to incorporate the lighting management system. The lighting control has allowed for an automation system capable of saving power through the use of the latest sensing and dimming technology.